"Clothes, are objects made of fabric that convey messages beyond the power of the cloth itself to convey; but brute, raw fabric not directly in use by a tailor can yet be indirectly used by an artist, who will see in the bunched folds of a bed sheet the potential elements of a created fiction" ('Seeing through Clothes', Anne Hollander)

My working practice consists of photographic series portraying constructed sets created from reclaimed textiles using the considered process of collecting, assembling and staging.Whether presented as an empty vessel or a more abstract form, the material will act as a gestural substitute to fulfil the aspiration to create a strong presence without there being a real presence; constructing an altered reality which symbolises and evokes the hidden or the uncanny. Re-visiting these discarded items of clothing, breathing new life into them to allow them a new lease of life and also conceivably reimagining their past histories. These fabrics once belonged to someone, that someone is anonymous and remains so through these purposeless structures that are materially defined, rearranged and reconstructed. This practise attempts to explore the themes of absence and presence and the uncanny, over all creating a fabricated and fragmented narrative.


All Images © Vanessa Roy